Discover Mexico: Stingray Beach in Cozumel

fjkgklPlanning an all-inclusive family vacation to Mexico? You have got to check out Stingray Beach in Cozumel! It’s the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy.

At Stingray Beach, you can interact with friendly stingrays with the help of expert guides. The tour includes a meet and greet with rays where you can handle them and feed them. Your guide will show you the proper way to interact with these majestic creatures. Once you’ve become acquainted, you can then snorkel with the stingrays and all kinds of other colorful fish.

This tour also includes a lesson about the essentials of snorkeling and some hands on snorkeling experience before you meet the stingrays. This lesson is taught by a trained professional, so you can be comfortable and safe while you enjoy this incredible experience. All of the snorkeling gear you need with be provided to you by the guide.

When you’re finished hanging out with the stingrays, it’s time to relax on the beach! You can also visit the snack bar, and shop for souvenirs, and get photos of your stingray tour.

When you take your whole family down to Cozumel, Mexico, be sure to make a stop at Stingray Beach. The stingray tour is an unforgettable experience that you and your kids will remember forever. For great deals on family vacations to Mexico, visit and book your trip online.

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Blue Hole, Ocho Rios: Jamaica Vacation Must-See

blueholeJamaica’s blue hole is also known as the Iris Blue Hole or the Secret Falls. It is located in the hills of Jamaica approximately 20 minutes outside of Ocho Rios. If you are planning an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica, the Iris Blue Hole should definitely be on your itinerary.

A blue hole is a large cavern or sinkhole in the ocean that is surrounded by a bank or island. They extend below sea level and sometimes provide access to underwater cave passages.

The Iris Blue Hole has two sections: the swimming hole, and the waterfall section. The swimming hole contains beautiful turquoise waters that beg you jump in and splash around. Your guide will tell you where the best places to swim are, and they will also tell you the safest spots to jump in from. The rocks are slippery, so it is recommended that you hire a guide if you want to go swimming.

The waterfall is about 20 feet high. Following a path along the river, you can reach it in about 5 or so minutes. You can sit on bamboo benches just below the gorgeous cascading waterfall and take in the natural beauty of Jamaica.

When you visit Jamaica, be sure to add an excursion to Ocho Rios’ blue hole to your vacation package. For great deals on an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica, visit today and take advantage of their 24/7 online booking.

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Why You Should Take Your Family on a Tropical Vacation

ufyjkhgjkhklPlanning a vacation for the whole family can be difficult. Not only do you need to pick a great location, but you also need to plan activities that everyone in your family will enjoy. Next, you have to consider the expense. Finding a vacation spot that fits your budget can be very hard for families. The last thing you’re thinking about is a tropical island. In fact, you may think a trip to Mexico or the Caribbean is an outrageously expensive luxury reserved for honeymooners and wealthy families.

Surprisingly, an all-inclusive family vacation to Jamaica or other locations in the Caribbean and Mexico can actually be quite affordable. Many websites like offer discounted rates for various resorts, and have all-inclusive packages designed for families.

So why should you choose a tropical destination for your family vacation? Most tropical resorts offer all-inclusive packages. This means that your itinerary, meals, and accomodations are all taken care of in one package, which takes away all the stress of planning. And who doesn’t love the beach? The kids can play in the sand and go swimming in the beautiful turquoise water, and you can lounge on the beach and relax.

There are also many other activities at these tropical resorts that you and your family will love. For more information and to book your trip, visist, today.

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Get Great Deals on All Inclusive Vacation Packages to Jamaica

htfjkklHave you ever dreamed of getting away from it all? offers 24/7 online booking for all-inclusive vacation packages to Jamaica, Mexico, and other locations in the Caribbean. There are so many different resorts to choose from, including popular resorts like Sandals and Beaches. Plan a romantic getaway for you and your significant other, or a fun-filled tropical vacation for the whole family. The choices are endless. To top it all off, booking through us can get you incredible deals on your trip.

In this blog we will discuss all things tropical, from the fun activities you and your family can do while at various resorts to the best locations for a couples retreat. If you need ideas for your next all-inclusive vacation to the Caribbean and Mexico, or you just need a quick tropical break from your busy day, you’ll want to subscribe.

Have you been dreaming of traveling to places like Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, and Mexico? What are you waiting for? Head on over the today and get a great deal on your all-inclusive vacation. When you book your trip through us, you don’t have to just dream of walking on warm white sand alongside shimmering turquoise water, you can live it.

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5 Reasons Why Cancun is the Best Place to Say “I Still Do”!

We are the biggest fan of love and romance which is why we’ve helped many of our clients plan their destination weddings, but what we enjoy even more than that is when couples renew their vows and recommit to spending their lives together. So when you’ve reached such milestones as your 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, or your 50th wedding anniversary there’s no better way to solidify that bond than by renewing your vows and saying “I still do”! And if you ask us one of the best destinations to host your vow renewal ceremony is in Cancun, Mexico.

Below is our list of 5 reasons why Cancun should be where you recommit to each other:


1) Cancun’s blue waters and picture perfect sunsets are the ideal backdrop to a romantic ceremony that you and your partner deserve. Not to mention that the flawless white sand beaches are exactly what a barefoot ceremony calls for!


2) Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a larger event with your friends and family, vow renewal packages are super affordable and available at beautiful resorts such as Palace Resorts, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts and RIU Hotels & Resorts. The event planners at these properties are exceptional and motivated to create romantic moments that will never leave your memory.


3) The celebration doesn’t end at your vow renewal ceremony! In Cancun you can rejoice your love with a variety of activities, including snorkeling, couple’s spa treatments, fun excursions, dinner cruises or romantic dinners on the beach at sunset.


4) Couples are treated to the ultimate in romance with a wide selection of accommodations, from first-class adults-only properties to ocean views, oceanfront and swim-out suites. My favorite part is when the turn-down service includes rose petals. There really is no better way to say “I love you” than with rose petals!


5) Finally, planning a vow renewal ceremony in Cancun is so convenient and stress free! Forget about all of the headaches and mishaps you had at your original wedding ceremony, from the event planners to the ease of getting to Cancun and being in that vacation mindset, your experience is sure to be effortless and enjoyable.

Please know that we are here to help you with all of the arrangements. We’d be more than happy to assist you love birds and your guests every step of the way!

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Top 7 Things We Love at Sandals Resorts in Jamaica


Sandals Resorts has 7 beautiful locations in Jamaica, giving you the opportunity to indulge yourself in the amazing sights, tastes, and experiences these havens have to offer. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Sandals Cay Private Island – You must visit this private island when staying at Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island. You’ll find a gorgeous beach, pool, cabanas and an authentic Thai Restaurant. You can even have a massage on the island!
2. Sunsets – The sunsets at Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa are among the most beautiful in the entire world. They’re especially enjoyable from the Crystal Lagoon Suites, where you can swim outside directly from your guest suite. This is one of my personal favorites.
3. Bluefield Beach Club – This restaurant at Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa offers the best authentic Jamaican cuisine just steps from the beach. The jerk chicken is to die for!


4. Ochi Beach Club – Imagine lying on a Balinese cabana and then dining at a new gourmet restaurant directly over the ocean. This is what you’ll experience when visiting the The Ochi Beach Club at Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort. At night, the fire pits create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere that you’ll never want to leave!
5. Champagne and Caviar Bar- The Champagne and Caviar Bar at Sandals Royal Plantation really shouldn’t be missed. The caviar is such a delicacy and it’s the only bar of its kind on the island!
6. Wedding Chapel – If you’re in love and are ready to take the big step with your special someone, consider staying at Sandals Montego Bay, the only resort with its own wedding chapel on the island. Say “I do” in style!
7. West Indian Massage – This massage is so unique and luxurious that you’ll think you’re in heaven for 80 luxurious minutes. You’ll receive a full body massage, hot stone therapy, tantalizing tropical mist, and even exfoliation for your tired feet. I enjoyed one of these massages after a long day of meetings, and it left me feeling completely resorted!

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How to Maximize Your Vacation Saving With Us!


Our long standing relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious tropical resorts provides you with access to some of the steepest discounts available. Booking your air travel with us is a service provided for speed and convenience, and includes many trusted airline companies for safe arrival at your destination. We provide fair market rates for our customers choosing to book flights through our service, however, our exclusive price drops only apply to our resort packages. You can save even more by combining our low all-inclusive resort rates with discount flight comparison sites. Here are some quick tips for booking the lowest airfare possible:

1. Make sure you check rates for both the “Just Resort” option and “Include Airfare” option when planning your trip with us
2. Book as far in advance as possible
3. Research the “off-season” for your destination of choice
4. Use a cheap flight comparison site, and choose the lowest flight. Once you have viewed the lowest flight, go directly to the airline company’s website and 5. book for the same flight times while avoiding the travel site markup
6. Don’t forget to apply discounts such as AAA, Senior Citizen, Skymiles, Etc
7. Look up specials and promo codes for your airline carrier on sites like
8. If possible, select “flexible dates” to expand search results
9. Research smaller airline companies that may only provide service to your destination
If you have any questions or inquiries, or if you would like to make a reservation with us in person, please contact us during our business hours:
Zoom Travel
2898 Morgan Drive
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: 1-888-659-2626

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Top 5 Things to do in Jamaica – Until Next year

Jamaica is one of the most diverse cultures you will ever experience. Known for their motto, “Out of many, one people”, you can expect just that – the many things to do and see on this little island in the Caribbean. There’s adventure for the adventurous and the beaches for relaxing, but I have five unique experiences you won’t want to miss out on the next time you the tropical island of Jamaica. You won’t find too many attractions on this list that you can classify as “ordinary”.
The Blue Hole – Ocho Rios, JA

The name describes this little hidden jewel perfectly, a fantastically blue hole in the heart of Ocho Rios. So hidden and understated that even some locals don’t know about it. Swim, dive into, or float in this crystal blue, ice cold water or massage your shoulders under the small waterfall. Don’t forget to take a camera because the awesome tropical nature surrounding this beauty is truly something to capture. The best part about this spot is it’s never crowded with busloads of tourists, not yet at least.


Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Now this spot is truly for some family fun! Known for being one of the most attractive tourist attractions, Dolphin Cove offers activities such as swimming with dolphins, sharks and swim rays. For those who don’t want to take part in the adventures they have bars, shops, restaurants and beaches for you to relax on. Dolphin Cove even offers a small tropical path where you can encounter parrots and other birds. Be prepared for the crowd of people that will be there, especially during the summer months, but the trip is completely worth it for a unique family activity that you won’t forget!
Luminous Lagoon

The best description for this place is “mystical”! This marvel is only found in four parts of the world, making this one of Jamaica’s rarest attractions. The microscopic organisms in this area light up when the water is stirred, known as bioluminescence. If you get the opportunity to swim, and you have the guts to swim in the ocean at night, then I encourage you to try it! Seeing yourself light up will be a fantastic marvel.
Mystic Mountain Rain Forest

Mystic Mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica. I know I said you wouldn’t find any attractions on this list as ordinary, and you won’t. This place offers so many activities, from zip lining to bird watching and trail walking. There is so much to do with the family and kids, and even if you decide you don’t want to participate in the activities there is always a bar and a restaurant to relax in.
Lover’s Leap

Known as one of the most beautiful vistas in Jamaica, Lover’s Leap is where the Santa Cruz Mountains come to an end to overlook a 1700 ft. drop down to the waves crashing on Cutless Bay below. This place doesn’t offer many activities, but what this place does offer, are an amazing view and a restaurant with exceptional food, a lighthouse, and a walking trail. Lover’s Leap is a great pit stop on the way to the next adventure or unique attraction.

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